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A beautiful stone possessing blends of pink, reddish, purple and earthy-brown hues complimented by intrusions of stark black, rhodonite is a stone found in a few places in New Zealand, and has high regard both here and internationally as an inexpensive jewellery stone. This piece of rhodonite was found in the Akatore area near Dunedin, Otago.


Measuring in at 47mm long and 40mm wide, this stone shows swirled earthy brown tones meandering through its pink background hue, with vivid light pink lightning-bolt markings that stand out against the stone's background hues yet compliment the whole. A piece equally suited to any mode of wear, its patterns draw the eye and invite admiration.

Akatore Rhodonite Assymetric Heart Pendant

SKU: WSJ0250
$89.99 Regular Price
$80.99Sale Price
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