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A beautiful stone possessing blends of pink, reddish, purple and earthy-brown hues complimented by intrusions of stark black, rhodonite is a stone found in a few places in New Zealand, and has high regard both here and internationally as an inexpensive jewellery stone. This piece of rhodonite was found in the Akatore area near Dunedin, Otago.


Measuring in at 82mm long and 40mm wide, this stone has been hewn from a 12mm thick slice with bold and vivid pink tones against stark black. It's bi-concave shaping removes the extreme weight that it would otherwise possess, leaving it comfortably light for its size as well as strikingly internally curved in a way that draws the eye to its heart. This is a serious statement piece for the lover of the large, bold and vividly-hued.

Akatore Rhodonite Bi-Concave Toki Pendant

SKU: WSJ0253
$249.99 Regular Price
$224.99Sale Price
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