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A beautiful stone possessing blends of pink, reddish, purple and earthy-brown hues complimented by intrusions of stark black, rhodonite is a stone found in a few places in New Zealand, and has high regard both here and internationally as an inexpensive jewellery stone. This piece of rhodonite was found in the Akatore area near Dunedin, Otago.


This piece is carved as an incredibly small, slender and delicate little pendant that's so light even a very small child could wear it, and its form is that of a simple drop that showcases its striking hues. Measuring in at 41mm long and only 12mm wide at its widest point, this truly is a pendant of two sides: one soft pink and nearly flawless in tone, with the other bearing striking mossy bursts of black that richly contrast the soft pink of the rest of this face. An inexpensive piece designed to show that little burst of affection to the sweetheart in your life, without breaking the bank in the process!

Akatore Rhodonite Sweetheart Pendant

SKU: WSJ0207
$49.99 Regular Price
$44.99Sale Price
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