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What's life without a little whimsy? Or a little social commentary? This piece was carved from a gorgeous piece of Luna-blue Guatemalan blue jadeite to remind us all of the simple irony that for some people, jewellery is about little more than the carats. And what better form to remind us of that than... the carrot!


Measuring in at 71mm long and 17mm wide at its widest point, this piece shows a soft silvery-blue translucency with an occasional, minute emerald-green dot here and there through the body of the stone. It's suspended via a hidden hole carved into the rear of the carrot's foliage, allowing it to hang comfortably without the cord interfering with its look or its message. A nice piece for those who want to thumb their nose at the idea of jewellery as status symbol, and who just want something fun and whimsical to wear!

All About The Carats Blue Jadeite Pendant

SKU: WSJ0307
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