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A simple disc pendant carved from a beautiful piece of Arahura inanga jade with frosty tones, this pendant's high gloss allows it to capture the silvery hues that flow through many pieces of good-quality inanga jade and make it such a beloved stone. A tiny patch of darker grey-green jade at the base of the pendant adds just the right amount of contrast to the lighter, frostier section of the stone, and a couple of almost unnoticeable kokopu spots on each side reward the wearer who likes to hold and stare at their beloved piece.


Measuring in at 47mm round and 10.5mm thick, this pendant has a rich green translucency at the edge and a silken feel to the touch. Far more beautiful in person than in any photograph, it's definitely a piece to be admired. 

Arahura Inanga Jade Pierced Disc Pendant

SKU: WSJ0212
$119.99 Regular Price
$107.99Sale Price
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