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Carved from a piece of kokopu or trout jade found in the Arahura River, this curved toki pendant shows off a light spotting on an olive-hued background and gleams with an extremely high gloss. More than this, it has a lightning-bolt-like vein of chatoyancy running diagonally through both sides of the pendant that ripples in and out of sight as the pendant is moved, like a secret stream buried within the stone. It shows excellent translucency and an impeccable gloss.


Measuring in at 82mm long and 42mm wide at its widest point, this toki is of presentation size - the sort of piece you'd give to someone at a momentous point in their lives and which they'll cherish for years to come. It has a curved form that adds a layer of three-dimensionality not seen in most toki out there, and is stunning both in the hand and around the neck.

Arahura Kokopu Jade Bound Toki Pendant

SKU: WSJ0194
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