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A traditional style of the classic hei tiki pendant, this piece is large enough to serve as both a pendant and a small household ornament. Carved to accommodate the natural form of the jade cobble from which it has been shaped, it also sports a couple of traditional features that are often absent from many modern tiki.


The first of these are its possession of four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot. Tiki and manaia are most often shown with three, representing the Three Kete (Baskets) of Knowledge - the knowledge of Birth, Life and Death. When the fourth is present, it represents knowledge of the secret world of Rarohenga - the Maori Underworld. This feature is matched by the possession of pupil-less eyes: eyes that see into that Other World, rather than gazing into our own. It thus represents a wearer with knowledge of the hidden mysteries of the sacred world.


Measuring in at 101mm long and 55mm wide, it has a thickness of 14mm at its thickest point, making it a robust piece capable of surviving a very rugged life. And with its deep symbolism, it's the sort of piece worthy of being worn or gifted to that very special wearer with a deep understanding of Maori or other spiritual traditions.

Arahura Kokopu Jade Hei Tiki Pendant

SKU: WSJ0216
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