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While Australia holds the greatest fame for its black jades, New Zealand is not without its own supply of them. The black jade from which this little toki pendant has been carved was sourced long ago from the Arahura River, and was part of a large black jade boulder that, though deeply fractured, broke up into pieces that were easily large enough for the manufacture of exquisite jewellery.


Measuring in at 45mm long and 19mm wide, this piece is thick enough to make a solid piece yet light enough to be comfortably worn as an everyday piece. its natural fracture pattern also showcases the truth of black jade: that it's in fact dark green to the point of appearing black, rather than being truly black per se. The high gloss on this piece is sure to draw the eye, and its rich tone makes it an excellent piece for accompanying formal wear.

Black Jade Miniature Toki Pendant

SKU: WSJ0291
$69.99 Regular Price
$62.99Sale Price
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