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Gleaming like a bulb of emerald, this exquisite AA-grade kahurangi jade pendant comes from a blast chip found in the Goldsborough area - a chip blasted free with black powder by early gold prospectors during the 19th century. Silky and perfect in its gloss, its minimal internal fractures show off the extremely high translucency and rich colour of the stone from which it was blasted away; and its simple leaf-like drop form allows the sheer quality of the stone to speak entirely for itself.


Measuring in at 49mm long and 24mm wide at its widest point, this piece possesses sufficient thickness to be practically indestructible as a piece of jewellery, and yet such a quality of stone that it remains highly translucent despite that fact. It's a pendant that would be equally at home worn on a golden chain as on its traditional woven cord, and something that can easily be admired in even the fanciest settings. Light enough to be comfortable for even the petite wearer, it's a piece that's well and truly worthy of eventually taking on heirloom status.

Bright Kahurangi Jade Leaf-Form Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0406
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