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While Australia holds the greatest fame for its black jades, New Zealand is not without its own supply of them. The black jade from which this little toki pendant has been carved was sourced long ago from the Arahura River, and was part of a large black jade boulder that, though deeply fractured, broke up into pieces that were easily large enough for the manufacture of exquisite jewellery. Some of those pieces, such as this one, possessed a degree of chatoyancy.


Measuring in at 57mm long and 21mm wide, the rippling chatoyancy at the tip of this black jade makes it an enthralling piece to hold and admire. Its high gloss and rich tones also make it a great piece for fancy and formal wear, while its general robustness make it just as suitable as an everyday piece.

Chatoyant Black Jade Freeform Pendant

SKU: WSJ0292
$89.99 Regular Price
$80.99Sale Price
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