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Known as tangiwai to the Maori, meaning tear-water, bowenite is a stone most often associated with funereal jewellery in Maori tradition. However, many Maori communities actually prized it even more than nephrite jade for its uses in jewellery. Most commonly possessing green and blue hues, very few realize that it also comes in white; or in the beautiful, pale caramel chatoyant tones seen in this piece.


Measuring in at 68mm long and 45mm wide, this piece shows the clear linear structure of the bowenite specimen from which it was carved, with a small portion of the deeper green serpentine host rock to which it was attached at top and bottom. It possesses a gentle scooped form that sits comfortably against the chest, and sports a high gloss finish. This is a stand-out piece, and looks great with pretty much any colour or style of outfit.

Chatoyant Caramel Bowenite Shingle-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0353
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