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A big, bold piece for the person who appreciates the large, this beautiful scooped pendant is somewhere in form between a true drop pendant and a toki, and suspended by a himotoshi or hidden hole in order to allow the glory of both sides to be freely admired. The stone is a bright olive-tinted jade found as a river pebble, and its travel down the river has led to it developing cloud-like patterns throughout the body of the stone that really highlight the excellent colour and translucency of the final piece.


Measuring in at 74mm long and 71mm wide along its bottom edge, this piece is a mighty statement piece that's impossible not to notice and admire. Intriguing enough to set off any fancy outfit and yet robust enough to be perfect for everyday wear, this is a piece that's sure to suit any lover of the large and striking.


Cloud-Patterned Olive Jade Scoop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0287
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