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Known as tangiwai to the Maori, meaning tear-water, bowenite is a stone most often associated with funereal jewellery in Maori tradition. However, many Maori communities actually prized it even more than nephrite jade for its uses in jewellery. And few people realize that in addition to its more common green and blue hues, bowenite also comes in tones of white varying from pure cream to all kinds of creamy tones of blue and green.


Measuring in at 43mm long and 32mm wide at its widest point, this dainty little pendant possesses a gentle chatoyancy that sees it shimmer and move in the light as the pendant is rolled back and forth. Its pale tones make it a very gentle and understated piece, great for everyday wear and yet special enough to also suit formal wear.

Dainty Chatoyant White Bowenite Scooped Pebble Pendant

SKU: WSJ0279
$69.99 Regular Price
$62.99Sale Price
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