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Rich in its dark hues, this pendant has been carved in a simple, freeform style that showcases its translucency . The stone from which it's carved was sourced from the Hokitika River, and it shows a marked difference to each side of the piece. Its suspension has been chosen to take advantage of this fact, allowing it to be worn either way around with equal ease and comfort. The obverse of the stone, which was closer to its rind, shows the beginnings of kokopu-like spotting and inclusions of magnetite, a magnetic iron orse commonly found in association with nephrite jades and serpentines.


Measuring in at 69mm long and 39mm wide, this is a bold statement piece of a pendant with a high gloss and a silky feel. It's suited to the lover of the large pendant, and is sure to draw notice whenever it's seen.

Dark Kawakawa Freeform Pendant

SKU: WSJ0237
$109.99 Regular Price
$98.99Sale Price
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