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The arero is the spear-point end of the traditional Maori weapon known as the taiaha, which is itself the sign and symbol of a warrior. As a pendant, the arero offers this same representation in a more portable and jewellery-oriented form. This arero has been carved from a darkly-translucent piece of deep green kawakawa jade with cloud-like patterning, and bears a glassy finish that shows off its colours, patterns and translucency to excellent effect.


Measuring in at 74mm long and 35mm wide at its widest point, this is a great award piece or an excellent coming-of-age present for someone special. Lightweight and comfortable in form, it's elegantly suited to everyday wear.

Dark Kawakawa Jade Arero Pendant

SKU: WSJ0286
$119.99 Regular Price
$107.99Sale Price
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