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Petite but brightly translucent, this lovely leaf-shaped jewel has been carved from a piece of high-quality jade found in the 1800s around the Goldsborough area - specifically, from a splinter blasted off of a larger boulder that was lost, then re-found later in the 20th century and kept in a private collection until we acquired it. The material is hard, glassy and emerald-green, making it positively glow in any light.


Measuring in at 43mm long and 27mm wide, this piece has been carved into a thick, luscious curved form that almost seems to sit somewhere between a leaf and a fruit. This shape allows it to hang well around its wearer's neck, and to catch the light with which it's able to do so much. A definite piece tyo draw notice and admiration, this one.

Emerald-Green Kahurangi Leaf-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0383
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