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The finest tangiwai or bowenite found in New Zealand is widely acknowledged to come from the fiordland region, in the vicinity of Anita Bay or nearby Poison Bay. This piece from Anita Bay was carved from a splintered shard found at Anita Bay; and as it was carved, it revealed a glassy transparency and strong yellow-green colour that make it a very pretty little piece indeed.


Measuring in at 59mm long and 21mm wide, this pendant is a narrow sliver with negligible weight that can be comfortably worn by even the most weight-sensitive of wearers. Its bright glassiness makes it a dazzling piece to look at in the light, and it's sure to stand out brightly against any dark outfit.

Glassy Anita Bay Tangiwai Pendant

SKU: WSJ0247
$89.99 Regular Price
$80.99Sale Price
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