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New Zealand rivers are well-known around the world for their abundant and sizeable trout populations, but there are many other kinds of fish that inhabit them. One of the rarest is the native greyling, a small and nondescript fish when first seen that becomes striking during the moments when it raises its dorsal fin and shows its colours and patterns off to a potential mate or rival.


Carved from a natural Arahura River jade cobble set on a base of fine Marsden kahurangi jade, this sculpture offers a simplified representation of a greyling in motion, with its sail-like dorsal fin raised to catch the current and display its size and colours. The eyes are silver paua shell (Haliotis australis).


Overall, the greyling itself has a length of 118mm, a depth of 87mm and a thickness of 20mm at its thickest point. The base is 96mm long and 37mm tall at its tallest point, with a thickness of 28mm.

Greyling Sculpture

SKU: WSJ0038
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