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Sourced from the famously re-discovered Olmec jadeite source in Guatemala, this gorgeously-translucent piece shows the beautiful mid-blue tone of Princessa jadeite, with fine internal spotting of Esmeralda green that sets off both its blue tone and its excellent translucency. This leaf-form pendant was carved to show off its fine translucency and tones, and to create a smooth and delicately sinuous piece that's comfortable enough for everyday wear while still being stunning enough for special occasions.


Measuring in at 60mm long and 28mm wide at its widest point, this piece sports a glass-like polish and an elegantly-plump body whose weight causes it to nestle easily into the cleft of the chest. The star-like speckles throughout its body remind anyone gazing into it of a starry night sky.

Guatemalan Blue Jadeite Leaf-Form Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0421
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