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Found on the Hokitika River by our carver, the cobble of white bowenite from which this bowl was made immediately suggested the form into which it would ultimately be carved. Deep enough to see practical use as a small bowl, wavy at the rim to give it a truly sculptural form, and possessing a rich translucency that shows off its internal greens and pale white to yellow tones in the light, this is a stunning little sculpture that will look great in any office or living-room space.


Measuring in at 146mm long, 97mm wide and 26mm deep, it's an elegant small piece for someone who wants a stone bowl sculpture but has neither the space nor the purse to be able to accommodate one of the usual larger size. Its high finish and striking tones mean that it'll happily gleam in any patch of sunlight, adding that little bit of light and prettiness to your life.

Hand-Carved Green And White Bowenite Bowl

SKU: WSJ0418
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