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The geology of New Zealand's West Coast is quite interesting, and sports some very interesting gem occurrences. Onde of the gems that is quite common to the area are garnets. Most of these are very small and interspersed as bright red sparkles in pieces of greyish-black schists; but every now and again, they can occur as quite large crystals in the schist instead.


Measuring in at 70mm long and 33mm wide, this freeform pendant is carved from a garnet schist that showed very large garnet crystals for the area. These crystals are of a deep red hue, with the schist in which they reside being a mix of greens in colour. Though the piece lacks translucency, the polish on the garnets causes their red hues to show through in unexpected moments, drawing the eye. A great piece for someone with a geological interest and a desire for something other than jade to wear around their neck.

Hokitika River Garnet Schist Freeform Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0342
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