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Though most New Zealand rhodonite is sourced from the Otago region, there are sources in other locales about the countryside, including on the West Coast. This particular piece was fashioned as an inexpensive trinket pendant from a piece of rhodonite found in the Hokitika River by our carver; and though a somewhat pitted material, it has some lovely colours to it.


Measuring in at 56mm long and 36mm wide at its widest point, the pinks of this specimen show patches of pronounced salmon colouration and additional patches of earthy brown, along with a mossy black that spread throughout the stone. The shallow pittings appear like scratches running diagonally across the stone, but are of the kind that will fade from view as the wearer's natural skin oils are absorbed by the piece. The form is that of a simple tooth. A piece for general everyday wear that isn't expensive, and whose colours will improve with wear. 

Hokitika River Rhodonite Tooth Pendant

SKU: WSJ0340
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