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Few people give thought to crafting jewellery for the blind. Sounds like an oxymoron to us sighted folks, right? But it's entirely possible, as long as the jewellery caters to more than its viewers. As does this toki or adze-blade pendant.


Made from a piece of Marsden flower jade with softer flower portions, this piece has been carved to pick up the differences in texture and the ripples that this softness can create on the surface of the stone, providing it with a pleasing textural element that allows a blind wearer to luxuriate in the way it feels between their fingers. The stone is also visually very appealing, so it can please the eye of the casual viewer at the same time as offering that pleasurable manual sensation for the wearer. It's also a nice large piece, measuring in at 73 mm long and 54mm wide, so it's got plenty of surface for its wearer to enjoy.

Kinaesthetic Toki

SKU: WSJ0077
$119.99 Regular Price
$107.99Sale Price
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