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Large enough to count as a wearable sculpture, this beautiful piece measures in at 105mm long and 60mm wide. Brought to a high finish, it has both a glassy lustre and excellent translucency, and the paua eye sets off the rich tones of the base stone marvellously. Originally carved from a cobble of jade found in the Arahura River, its new form shows off the approximate shape of that stone, and is designed to show the freeing of the manaia form from within that natural, original stone form.


Absolutely stunning in person, this is a piece which will not fail to attract either notice or positive comment, no matter whether it's worn or displayed on a stand in the home or office. This is definitely a piece worthy of the status of heirloom.

Large Bas-Relief Manaia

SKU: WSJ0096
$649.99 Regular Price
$584.99Sale Price
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