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Occasionally, a deposit of jade forms in a very unusual fashion: growing together as a cluster of small balls of jade that merge with each other into a larger stone. When cut, specimens of this material show off amazingly intricate, tangled patterns and vivid bursts of colour. But cut examples are rare, because most jade of this type looks so wonderful as a raw specimen that collectors snap them up and keep them as a form of natural mineral statuary.


This piece of botryoidal jade comes from a boulder found many years ago in the Big Bay area of Fiordland: a stone that was collected from the sea. As a simple disc form, it sports a high translucency and shows off its striking and complex internal patterning and bursts of purple colouration. Measuring in at 56mm in diameter, it's hung by a simple frontal pierced suspension, so that its beauty can be easily appreciated from either side. This is a piece for the lover of the exotic and unusual: no plain-jane greens here!

Large Botryoidal Jade Disc Pendant

SKU: WSJ0320
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