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Renowned worldwide for its beautiful colur tones and cloud-like patterning, Marsden's flower jades contrast beautiful translucent greens with opaque cloud-like forms in whites, yellows and reds, and hold a high gloss that shows off both the patterning and the rich green tones to wonderful effect. This pendant has been carved into a simple pebble-form from a beautiful Marsden flower jade pebble, showing off its beauty in a naturalistic fashion.


Measuring in at 73mm long and 53mm wide at its widest point, this is a nice large piece that really shows off the exquisite patterning for which this stone is so famous. A lovely piece for everyday wear yet just as fully suited to formal or fancy wear, this is a versatile piece that's sure to please for many long years to come.

Large Marsden Flower Jade Pebble-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0438
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