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A lighter olive hue of jade, this large heart pendant does an excellent job of showing off the structure of the stone from which it was carved: a structure whose internal fractures have created a material resembling the foaming horses of breaking waves. Stone of this type is very common to the Arahura River where this stone was found, and though seldom utilised, it’s great at reflecting oceanic and maritime themes. And as this heart demonstrates, it’s also great for creating large pieces with significant visual interest.


Measuring 71mm long and 57mm wide, this pendant hangs from a toggle-and loop suspension, with the toggle crafted from a natural jade pebble. It’s also suspended from a heavy-duty, 5-ply woven cord that allows for comfortable accommodation of its weight, and it sports a high gloss that allows for the fullest appreciation of its hues and structure. This is a piece suited to the lover of the large, and is certain to stand out against any outfit with which it’s worn.

Large Schistose Jade Heart Pendant

SKU: WSJ0142
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