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Commonly seen as a representation of the Moon and named accordingly in Maori, the marama or disc-form pendant is a traditional form commonly seen in Maori-style jade carving. This piece has been shaped from a beautifully translucent and richly-patterned piece of jade found in the South Westland jade field, and is of a type that we now often call karengo. This type is renowned for its reddish-purple inclusions and is named for the seaweed of the same name, which emerges from the sea bright reddish-pink and oxidises to a green with purple patches that is remarkably similar to the patterns in this type of jade.


Measuring in at 56mm in diameter, this piece has a high gloss finish that shows off its colours, patterns and translucency to excellent effect. It's a great piece for the traditionalist and the connoisseur alike, and greta both as an everyday pendant and a piece for fancy wear.

Large South Westland Jade Disc Pendant

SKU: WSJ0404
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