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Pipiwharauroa or shining cuckoo jade is renowned for its property of chatoyancy, a rippling movement of light within the stone that is also seen on the breast feathers of the shining cuckoo itself, a native New Zealand species. Such specimens come in a wide range of colours; but all of them possess that chatoyant property. This one is a beautiful rich green with a silvery chatoyancy that is strikingly more apparent on its obverse that its primary face; which makes it an excellent reversible pendant.


Measuring in at 95mm long and 42mm wide at its widest point, this piece shows an excellent translucency that sees it practically glowing in bright daylight - the high gloss finish shows off both its translucency and its chatoyancy in striking fashion. It's an absolute stunner of a piece that's well and truly worthy of becoming a family heirloom, and truly worthy of complimenting the finest of fancy wear. Though truly suited to the lover of the large, it's also not the kind of piece that comes along very often, so well worthy of consideration by those who usually favour smaller pieces.

Large Spooned Pipiwharauroa Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0393
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