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At 89 mm long and 19 mm wide, this slender hooked-form drop pendant carved from Marsden flower jade is an attractively patterned and lightweight piece that can happily be worn with either face presenting to the world. Its mostly-white flowered portions are accented by small bursts of rich green that hug its longest edge.

Marsden Hooked Drop

SKU: WSJ0029
  • This pendant comes with a nylon cord hand-woven by the carver. These cords are very durable, allowing you to safely wear your pendant 24/7 if you like (even in the shower). However they do wear over time and will eventually need to be replaced. Even so, a person who lives a vigorous lifestyle can reliably expect their cord to last at least two years; and a person living a quieter life can expect their cord to last a lot longer.

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