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One of the most common sacred symbols of Asia is the blossom of a plant that is at once a source of great beauty, abundant foos and useful medicines to those who are lucky enough to have it growing nearby: the Sacred Lotus. These enormous flowers come in a wide range of colours, and due to their many virtues they have come to represent both peace and enlightenment. This sculpture is a representation of a double-blooming lotus flowers, showing two tiers each of the lotus' characteristic eight petals.


Carved from a flaky grey-green nephrite jade found in the Arahura River, this sculpture has a diameter of 116mm and is 19mm thick at its deepest point. It's designed to rest comfortably on a simple stand or piece of driftwood, or on any mount that the buyer thinks will suit. The finish is high matte.

Lotus Blossom Sculpture

SKU: WSJ0074
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