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Flower jades are nephrite jade stones that show intrusions of the stone's rind into the carveable body of the stone - intrusions which create patterns that can be everywhere from delicstely pleasing through to vivid and striking. The flower jades from the Marsden area are particularly famous for both their patterns and the finish they take during polishing, with the finest examples glowing like emeralds and possessed of golden or white cloud-like intrusions. This piece demostrates a more significant flower intrusion into the stone, giving it a complex background of patterns and tones that both intrigues and delights.


Measuring in at 71mm long and 31mm wide, this pendant has been carved into a slightly-curved roimata form, with a profile that's rippled and wavy. This effect takes the plainer roimata form and adds interest to it without fighting the complex pattern of the stone - in fact, it compliments it quite nicely. Its tones weave through pale yellows and grey-greens, with accents of lighter browns that drawn the eye. An excellent piece for everyday wear, or for those times you're looking to draw someone's eye.

Marsden Flower Jade Rippled Roimata Pendant

SKU: WSJ0389
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