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Meaning 'blood of the weka', totoweka jade is nephrite jade from New Zealand bearing distinctive red-brown colourations; and when these are translucent, the light shines through them a rich orange-brown like dried blood. This stone was freely associated with weapons and warriors, and was a favourite stone for the crafting of Maori weaponry due to its already-blooded appearance.


This piece is a large, presentation-size toki suitable for giving as a spacial gift at a significant time in someone's life; or just to someone you feel deserves a nice big piece of such an attractive stone. It measures in at 86mm long and 40mm wide at its widest point, and is so strikingly different on each side that depending on how it's worn, it's effectively two pendants for the price of one. Definitely a piece to treasure.

Marsden Totoweka Jade Bound Hei Toki

SKU: WSJ0193
$199.99 Regular Price
$179.99Sale Price
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