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Carved from a superb piece of Guatemalan blue jadeite of mixed hues (the lighter silver-blue Luna on one side and the richer Princessa blue on the other), this hook pendant was modelled after examples used by the Mayans throughout history; which is appropriate, as the stone originates from and was once greatly prized by the peoples of the Mayan civilization. Measuring in at 73mm long and 41mm wide at its widest point, the entire piece glows with a soft translucency bordering on transparency when held to the light. Its open form also gives it an extremely light weight, allowing it to be comfortably worn even by a wearer of relatively small or slight frame.


All Guatemalan jadeite is ethically sourced, as it is obtained directly from small-share local mines in the vicinity of the Guatemalan jadeite deposits.

Maya-Style Blue Jadeite Hook Pendant

SKU: WSJ0055
$249.99 Regular Price
$224.99Sale Price
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