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A rare find in jade bearing areas, the hydrogrossular garnet from which this pendant is carved is the only form of garnet that neve forms crystals, but has a massive structure more similar to the jades. As a jewel, it's often used by the Chinese to simulate the more expensive jadeite - and this exquisite-quality piece shows precisely why. It's also an extremely hard stone that takes a glass-like finish, and comes in a wide range of colours from the sedate through to the rich and vivid.


Measuring in at 77mm long and 44mm wide, this freeform pendant sports the beautiful combinations of greens and whites known as the 'moss-in-snow' pattern. It also has very high translucency and a glassy finish, making it an absolute stand-out jewel. Jadeite of similar quality would easily cost over $1,000; but because it's garnet, this piece is far more affordable. Definitely a piece for high-class wear, yet durable enough to survive the roughest life with ease, this piece suits someone looking for a truly stunning jewel.

Moss-In-Snow Garnet Pendant

SKU: WSJ0324
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