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A rare find in jade bearing areas, the hydrogrossular garnet from which this pendant is carved is the only form of garnet that neve forms crystals, but has a massive structure more similar to the jades. As a jewel, it's often used by the Chinese to simulate the more expensive jadeite. It's also an extremely hard stone that takes a glass-like finish, and comes in a wide range of colours from the sedate through to the rich and vivid. This piece shows a densely mottled version of the pattern known as moss-in-snow - a blend of white and green hues in swirled patches.


Measuring in at 54mm long and 25mm wide, this is a more subtly-toned stone suited to everyday wear. Its high gloss shows off its colours and textures to great effect, making it an inexpensive alternative to its more expensive cousin that is nonetheless its match in terms of attractiveness.



Moss-In-Snow Hydrogrossular Garnet Freeform Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0369
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