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Carved from a beautiful piece of flower jade with varying hardnesses found in the Hokitika River by our carver, this piece sports bright kahurangi-green tones amongst frosty white flower patterns. Its form has been chosen to mirror that of a water-worn artifact, resting somewhere in shape between a scraping implement and a whao or chisel.


Measuring in at 81mm long and 30mm wide at its widest point, the stone's colours and patterns form a striking visual contrast that makes this a very attractive piece; and its rippled form and high polish makes it seem as if it's just been pulled, still dripping wet, from the river. A pretty little thing looking for an appreciative home.

Pebbly Flower Jade Bladed Roimata Pendant

SKU: WSJ0273
$109.99 Regular Price
$98.99Sale Price
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