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Named for New Zealand's native shining cuckoo, pipiwharauroa jade is nephrite jade that possesses the quality of chatoyancy: a rippling movement of light within the stone that, if cut to a high dome, results in a light effect like the pupil of a cat's eye. This pendant was carved from a silvery-green chatoyant jade pebble found in the Arahura River, and showcases this rippling light effect throughout the stone's body on both sides. The form is that of a large leaf blade to the front, connected by a tendril to a smaller leaf-form at the rear.


Measuring in at 65mm long and 21mm wide, this piece shows excellent translucency and a high gloss, with its chatoyancy giving it a pleasingly liquid appearance in the body of the stone. It's a light, bright and showy piece that will look great with elegant wear, but would be just as comfortable for the everyday-wearing  connoisseur.

Pipiwharauroa Leaf-And-Blade Pendant

SKU: WSJ0375
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