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Named for New Zealand's native shining cuckoo, pipiwharauroa jade is nephrite jade that possesses the quality of chatoyancy: a rippling movement of light within the stone that, if cut to a high dome, results in a light effect like the pupil of a cat's eye. This pendant was carved from a grey-green chatoyant jade pebble found in the Arahura River, and showcases this rippling light effect throughout the stone's body on both sides. The form is naturalistic, modelled on the shape of the original pebble with the addition of flow and movement through a rippled third dimension.


Measuiring in at 73mm long and 41mm wide, this sizeable piece has been carved thin enough to ensure that it remains lightweight and comfortable to wear at all times. Its muted tones make it a great everyday piece, and its chatoyancy makes it an interesting piece to accompany formal or fancy wear.

Pipiwharauroa Pebble-Form Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0295
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