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Chatoyancy, the rippling movement of light within a stone as it's turned from side to side, is a rare quality in jade pieces; and this piece is a superb example of it. Carved to an elegant, vaguely wing-like form from a pebble of chatoyant nephrite jade found in New Zealand's Hokitika River by our carver, this piece seems almost to be made up of fine, rippling silver feathers that move and shift as the stone is turned.


Measuring in at 67mm long and 33mm wide at its widest point, this pendant is secured at the rear via a himotoshi or 'hidden hole', allowing the full face of the stone to be appreciated without the unteference of a suspension hole and section of cord. Its pale, silvery hues stand out vividly against any dark background, and its rippling movement and striking pattern make it an exquisite piece for formal wear that is sure to draw notice.

Pipiwharauroa Wing-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0272
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