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While most bowenite or tangiwai in New Zealand is mostly translucent, there are some examples that generate true transparency... and some locations that are famous for producing this kind of material. This material is from a place in Milford Sound called Poison Bay, which along with Anita Bay is well-known as a source of transparent bowenite of rich green hues. This piece showcases that excellent transparency, as well as the storm of inclusions that can make that transparency so visually spectacular when the piece is held to the light.


Measuring in at 58mm long and 35mm wide, the thickness and heavier content of inclusions in this piece reduces its transparency to relatively muted levels. However, the flaking structures in its body ensure that portions of its transparency are immediately visible even when the piece is lying flat against its wearer's chest; so its relatively darker body tone makes less difference than it otherwise might. Made for a more petite wearer, it's a great and relatively inexpensive piece for both everyday and fancy wear.

Poison Bay Tangiwai Small Shield-Form Pendant

SKU: WSJ0432
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