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Carved from a very large piece of Siberian nephrite jade with an extremely tight grain, this pendant shows off some of the wonderful rich tones and mottling to be found in stone from this region. With a slight green tone to one edge, the stone shows predominant rich browns with speckling, and patches of clean and translucent white in the body of the stone. The form is known as a scapular, due to its reminiscence to the shoulder-blade of an animal.


An exceedingly large and beautifully translucent piece of stone, this pendant measures in at 109mm long and 39mm wide at its widest point. Due to its size it ideally suits the larger wearer; though it can easily make a strong statement piece for anyone.

Siberian Chocolate Jade Scapular Pendant

SKU: WSJ0066
$309.99 Regular Price
$278.99Sale Price
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