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One of the rarest forms of jade, botryoidal jade is made up of spherical lumps that merge together into a large mass. Most specimens of this material end up being kept for their properties as natural sculptural pieces - but some look much better when cut and turned into jewellery. This piece was carved from a piece of botryoidal jade found by our carver in the Hokitika River on New Zealand's West Coast.


Measuring in at 54mm long and 31mm wide, this freeform drop pendant does an excellent job of showing off the patterns created by its botryoidal structure. The tones of the jade are varying shades of yellow-green to olive, and the stone sports a reasonable degree of translucency that adds a warm glow to the piece in daylight. Its small size make it excellent for someone who wants something interesting, but who doesn't like to be burdened with a weighty piece.

Small Botryoidal Jade Freeform Pendant

SKU: WSJ0345
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