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A vividly patterned disc pendant carved from a piece of South Westland blue jade, this striking little pendant sports vivid patterning of green lands and blue seas that almost makes it look like a little map of a planet's surface. And though speckled with small hammer-marks from the stone's journey towards the sea, these hammer-marks are of the kind that will fade and disappear very early on with wear, leaving only the vivid map-like patterning of the piece to amuse and delight both wearer and viewer alike.


Measuring in at 47mm round and 12.5mm thick, this is a solid pendant well able to live up to the rigours of everyday life, with a pattern that fascinates and delights. Stones like this are often called 'picture stones' because of the things we see in them; and this one will show you a lovely piece for everyday wear and appreciation.

South Westland Blue-And-Green Jade Pierced Disc Pendant

SKU: WSJ0214
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