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Most commonly associated with the Marsden jade deposits in New Zealand, flower jades are those nephrite jade stones whose weathered and oxidised surfaces carry patches and patterns of rich colouration woven through the body of the stone. This particular piece was carved from the outer surface of a jade boulder from the Arahura River jade deposits, and showcases a pale and a darker side as a result, allowing it to be worn facing either way and thus effectively serve as two pendants for the price of one.


Measuring in at 52mm long and 50mm wide, this piece sports a pronounced yet softly-presented stripe running diagonally through its more misty straw-coloured and grey-green tones. It’s the kind of piece that can happily blend in with just about any outfit, and looks every bit as handsome on a man as it does beautiful on a woman.

Striped Flower Jade Heart Pendant.

SKU: WSJ0136
$104.99 Regular Price
$94.49Sale Price
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