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A close relative of nephrite jade, tangiwai or bowenite is a stone greatly prized by the Maori people; and with this particular batch of tangiwai, it's not hard to see why. This piece has been shaped into an off-centre roimata form with a pointed base, which draws the eye downwards into the deepest-coloured portion of the stone.


Measuring it at 74mm long and 33mm wide at its widest point, the stone from which this piece is carved features opaque swirls of pale ochre to its left isde, and swirled, star-like white spotting throughout the rest of its body. Held to the light it shows off a rich and deep emerald hue, with a swirled body containing fine black markings and russet threads rising from its base. A piece to draw the eye that is nonetheless lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear.

Tangiwai Assymetric Roimata Pendant

SKU: WSJ0187
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