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A close relative of nephrite jade, tangiwai or bowenite is a stone greatly prized by the Maori people; and with this particular batch of tangiwai, it's not hard to see why. A larger piece suited for the person who likes a solid pendant, this piece measures in at 84mm long and 32mm wide at its widest point.


Featuring patches, streaks and fine spots of white colouration throughout both sides of its surface, its dark green body tone becomes an equally dark emerald translucency when held to the light, with fine threads of russet colouring to its lower edges and a smattering of small black spots through its otherwise even body tone. Its gentle curvature ensures that it will rest very comfortably in the hollow of the chest, and its delicate spotting create a subtle yet pleasing visual effect when worn against the body.

Tangiwai Large Freeform Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0188
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