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Renowned for its pale hues and mottled patterns that so resemble the skin of one of our native fishes, kokopu or trout jade is one of those tones not often seen in the jade of other countries but roundly appreciated here for its pearlescent hues and intriguing patterns. This piece was carved from a beautiful pebble of kokopu jade found in the Arahura River several years ago.


Measuring in at 76mm long and 38mm wide, this piece has been carved into a flowing, rippling form like the curl of gentle waves on the stream, giving it both a pleasing visual aesthetic and a wonderful kinaesthetic (touch-based) quality that can be appreciated by the sighted and blind alike. Its silky lustre is set off by the slight, pearly translucency apparent at its edges, and its high polish gives it a watery gloss. A wonderful piece for elegant wear that's also robust enough for everyday adornment.

Wavy Kokopu Jade Freeform Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0357
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