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A stone unique to the Mahitahi/Bruce Bay area in New Zealand and found nowhere else in the world, aotea is a blend of the minerals kyanite (blue), fuchsite (green) and quartz (white). Considered by the local Makaawhio people to be more sacred than jade, it's believed to be a healing stone and is much prized. This piece shows off the paler side of the blues for which many examples of this stone are so well known.


Measuring in at 64mm long and 25mm wide at its widest point, the form of this piece is a simple, slightly-curved drop. Its gentle tones are richer in real life than the photography here shows, but still gentle and muted; which makes this an excellent piece for everyday wear that will blend in with any outfit.

Aotea Freeform Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0394
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