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A stone unique to the Mahitahi/Bruce Bay area in New Zealand and found nowhere else in the world, aotea is a blend of the minerals kyanite (blue), fuchsite (green) and quartz (white). Considered by the local Makaawhio people to be more sacred than jade, it's believed to be a healing stone and is much prized. This piece showcases some of the paler blues for which aotea is widely known.


Measuring in at 57mm long and 26mm wide, this pendant is a simple freeform that has been elegantly curved to show off its delicate blue hues, which are more apparent in real life than they are in this photography. In addition to the easily-noticed blues, this piece also has a few subtle spots of intense greens from its fuchsite content. It's an understated piece showing generally gentle tones and patterning, making it a great piece for those who love smaller pieces and for everyday wear.

Aotea Freeform Drop Pendant

SKU: WSJ0399
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